Life is Change

I am moving out of the apartment that I have lived in for over 6 years. I have loved this place. I have loved this town. It has become a part of me that will not be forgotten. I have shared both the worst and the best times of my life in this apartment, literally. Now it is time to move on. I feel it in my bones. It is time to let go and turn a new page to write a new chapter.

This does not mean that I will not miss this apartment with all my heart. I have healed from more heartache here than I ever thought possible. I have come to know Jesus more intimately than I ever thought possible. I learned how to be a single women here, how to fix things, how to change bike tires, how to balance a washing machine. I learned how to be on my own, a skill that is too often over looked and under appreciated in our hook up culture.

I wrote songs here. The walls may hold a melody when I leave, they may miss the sound of my voice as I will miss their protection. I have grown so accustomed to living here that I don’t even turn the lights on to walk around, I just know where I am going. I will miss this place. The familiar smell, the familiar sounds of the street traffic, the breeze from the lake.

Now I say goodbye to this place where I have laid my head. I am thankful for the time I spent here and as I turn over the key I know that I am not alone, Jesus has His hand in mine. We walk away together because He has prompted me to move on and He holds each tear that I cry as my heart sifts through this change. My home is not on this earth, my home is with Jesus and He goes with me wherever I go.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6


For My Sistah…

Emily and I

Yes I meant to say sistah. We are Maine girls and though I can personally pronounce an “R” I have developed a term of endearment for my sister, Emily, as Sistah.

Emily is an amazing person. Possibly one the most organized and driven people that I know. If she says she will do it, then she does it. If she says you look fat in those pants then you do. Don’t expect a lie because you will get the truth and I love her for it.

The name Emily actually means industrious or hard working. Mom and Dad, could you have picked a better name for your first born?

As the younger sister I can attest to the hard working qualities of my sister and I found myself striving to be like her because she was just so good. Most little sisters want to be like their big sister but not all of them had good examples to follow. I did.

Sometimes when I smell hay, I close my eyes and pretend that we are little girls again playing and working along side each other on the farm. There are few childhood memories without my sister in them. We milked cows, delivered calves, fed cows, showed cows and cleaned up after cows our whole young lives. It was a beautiful way to grow up and I think we both know that this upbringing is a large part of why we are who we are today. We had incredible teachers in our parents who saw to it that we understood the value of hard work and each other. Looking back, we really had it all and now Emily gets to share all of that richness with Keith.

I think she picked a great person to share herself with.

Keith, I love that you and Emily found each other. I am proud to have you as part of our family. I have watched you with my sister, you know her and you are what she needs. You are steady, strong and kind and she has blossomed in your presence.

I have full confidence that Emily will stand by you always. She takes nothing lightly Keith and she will fiercely love, protect and defend you no matter the trial. She said yes to you because she meant it…Remember, in Emily you will find no lie.

So to both of you, I wish you much love and happiness. I am pleased knowing that each of you have found rest in the other and I pray rich blessings upon you as you live this life together. Love you Both. Your little Sistah